Unreliable or poor internet? Take a speed test to measure the quality of your household’s internet service. Completing a speed test on three separate days will help ensure your neighborhood gets its fair share of funding for broadband improvements.

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Take a speed test to measure the quality of your household’s internet service. By completing a speed test using this tool, you’re participating in the Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (“BEAD”) Program Challenge Process. Please include your address or zip code, and your email address when you submit your results.

What is a speed test? A speed test measures the speed and quality of your internet at a point in time.

Why should I take a speed test? Taking a speed test will help ensure that the Illinois Broadband Map accurately shows where there is and is not quality internet available to residents.

What is this tool? By completing a speed test using this tool and sharing your location information, the Internet Equity Initiative will submit internet quality information on your behalf.

What happens after I submit my speed test? Completing and submitting a speed test with your address is step 1! You’ll need to complete two more speed tests on two separate days to complete the process. To help you out, we will send you email reminders to complete your second and third speed tests.

The University of Chicago’s Internet Equity Initiative will be analyzing this internet performance data on behalf of our partners. By submitting my information I agree to allow University of Chicago Internet Equity Initiative to analyze these data and share with the state broadband office and the ISP I am challenging. We are committed to your privacy and the data from this website will never be sold.

Questions? Reach out to IEI Team at internetequity@uchicago.edu.

Thanks for your help improving internet access in Illinois!
      - Internet Equity Initiative Team

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